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Date: March 29, 2012 at 08:49:59
From: .,
Subject: Are humans finally waking up?


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Date: March 29, 2012 at 10:48:47
From: Whoosh,
Subject: Re: Are humans finally waking up?

I do not doubt that there is much to discover in matter of human history and science, for example that there have most likely been some technologically - and hopefully spiritually - more evolved civilisations on Earth. Not to speak of space civilisations. We are up for much more to discover, as much in matter of history as in matter of science ... and first and foremost in matter of spirit.

For me, awakening will be a fact when we humans will treat each other and all life with love, respect, reflecting our awareness of the sanctity of life.

Besides, much is being said to have been already discovered, to be already known, and starting by alternative, clean and abundant sources of energy, strictly kept quiet for the benefit of the few for the domination and exploitation of the many. So the awakening could also be getting translated as disclosure.

So I understand our humanity awakening in terms of waking up to universal, unconditional love and making it our primary focus, waking up to our power as our responsibility, to be willing to use it for the good of all concerned. When this will be our way of interacting with each other and life, I'll celebrate it as our awakening.

Isa - passing in a whoosh :o)


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