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#11 Aug 23, 2017 11:46 pm


Re: Africas population set to double in the next 30 years.

Expat wrote:
Calypso wrote:
Expat wrote:

I don't think being of African descent has bugger all to do with it. All races, and economic background should be able to benefit from education. Not everyone seems to gain anything from a privileged position  D Trump springs to mind.... he can barely put two sentences together without repeating himself at least once.

But certainly disadvantaged peoples across the World can certainly become much more useful to themselves and the society in which they live if they had a higher level of education.

I hear the cry Oh the Blackman is disadvantaged.... and I accept this is still the case on an individual level... we all hit barriers for various reasons.

Yet we have just had a Black President, and in more than one administration very high level Black people in very serious positions of power. I keep on seeing Black Presenters, Comedians, Sportsmen, Lawyers, Judges, high ranking officers in the forces etc etc.... how many role models do people need before they realise THEY CAN DO IT TOO.

Just the other day my attention was drawn to the Black President or CEO of Merk or what ever that Chemical super conglomerate is.... His father was a Janitor.... why could he get to be a super being and others can't.  It HAS to be down to their own personal ambitions, and to a degree the individual ladder they have to climb.

I am just an average guy without higher education, I made a decent job of getting through my working life, I made good money compared to many, but I certainly didn't set the World alight. Who do I blame for being Mr average?.... Damn maybe I am not a success because I am White?   or maybe I was just not cut out to be the Prime Minister/President. Maybe many many people are cannon fodder simply because they are either just not lucky, or just not bright. Regardless of race.

You are speaking about the few blacks who have made it by being a little bit savvier than the rest. I am talking about people of African descent collectively across the globe. They are still at a disadvantage. I need to see more quality and not quantity. I need to see them competing  academically with whites, citing that they are only more qualified but they are being discriminated against based on their race.

There is always some point for argument. Only the other day there was a push back against positive discrimination in schools in the USA as the prime objective was seen to have been achieved, and now it was discriminatory the other way.

I know a number of Black achievers, I know Blacks that have never seen the light of day, but would rather bitch, I have seen others that just jog along.... People Black, White, or Brown often times need that spark, some have it, and then if they do and they are Black they are likely to be called Uncle Toms.

I started jibing about African potential migration due to breeding themselves into difficulty.  There is a historical reason for people in Africa and India to punch out a set of kids, it is a way of ensuring you are taken care of when you are old, and the more you make the more chance some will survive to adulthood. BUT, it creates a cycle of poverty, or maintains it, and then as I naughtily implied, the Europeans will be expected to absorb the overflow simply because they messed with Africa 70-300 years ago. Even when those mineral rich nations stop frigging each other and use the minerals to actually make their countries rich, there will be a demand by some, even as Europe collapses under its own stupidity, that they.... probably now poorer .... still have an indefinite

Your perspective is logical and unbiased and this is unusual. Points agreed upon! Europe mess up in Africa and the Third World mentality is sexual irresponsibility
When the Europeans carved up Africa in the late 1800s, they monopolized trades and Africa went into stagnation economically and mentally. The peoples became likes slaves who were given bits to eat by their owners because they were thought to have not being able to survive by themselves. The worst part of it is that they believed it and passed this mentality on to future generations.


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