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#21 Aug 28, 2017 11:14 pm


Re: Calypso by Kamau Brathwaite

houston wrote:

Calypso, you seem to be bent on race.
Could it be that you are a racist?

Only 12 days ago I  posted """ A question for you RD """""

' This Republican REP said  in response  to Charlotte Nazi March  ((((((   I detest white supremacy as much as I detest  black nationalism ))))))     --- This Repub thinks Nazi Protest is the same as Blacks protesting  , BLM . (what is that ? ) RACIST to me.

Calypso  Started well ,  saying ' but the principles  of black nationalist ideologies are unity , and self determination ,,,,,, > she  then added on this part about separation  from Europe     ( old hat ).
She went on to say 'don't call me a black nationalist  and why she hates it .

New Historian .. made it simple saying BN was a response to generations of white racism  and   they  CANNOT  be  Compared . (thank you NH )

WHY I went through all of that ' rig-ma-role .. is THIS

*** Houston  is now doing the same very thing ( as that GOP Rep )  ... Equating   ... STANDING up ....  for fairness and justice to be racist

Hello ????       Dryout houson.


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