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#1 Aug 29, 2017 2:09 am


Let's us Analyze the Asian problem in Uganda

Do you remember when Idi Amin asked the Asians to leave Uganda in 1972? They dominated all business sector in Uganda. They used the black Africans as their servants.  Houston, let's look at why they succeeded. East Indians were brought there to build the railroads by the British. Some branched out into being merchants and were very successful at it.  Due to the fact that the Africans weren't given that chance it stagnated them. This action of discrimination delayed their economic growth. When you take care of people, they do not grow and take risk. Now there are far more wealthy Africans than they used to be. The expulsion of the Asians by Amin gave the Africans a chance to try and fail. They are far better off.   This is what happened to Afro-Americans. They weren't given a chance to progress like the white Americans. This caused stagnation. If you don't grow up seeing people around you succeeding, then you are not going to do the same. I am appalled by your ignorance.


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