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#1 Aug 30, 2017 11:11 pm


I feel sorry for the folks in Texas

Really, definitely. For many it will be a downturn in their lives for ever.

But I have to note the numbers in this large swathe of civilisation at the moment are changing, but ? maybe 60 odd thousand made homeless at the moment.

By contrast in Grenada during Ivan it was probably closer to 80 thousand. The difference being for the Texans despite the privations, if they wait, there will probably be State aid to rebuild, plus their own insurance, and materials can be shipped from all over the country to keep things moving.

After Ivan many people lived for extended periods sheltering under partial houses, and even had they the means and or the insurance could do nothing about rebuilding if this or that contractor had bought up all or most of the latest shipment of materials. Few could just disappear until the dust settled, they couldn't hop on a bus to some enormous building to seek sanctuary, Tarp roofs were the fashion for some people for years.

I am far from trying to take away from the misery those poor souls are coping with, simply illustrating how crippling a disaster like Ivan was to a small Island as compared to a massive State connected to a massive country with all the infrastructure that the surrounding States can bring to bear.


#2 Aug 31, 2017 7:26 am


Re: I feel sorry for the folks in Texas

The only great thing about their suffering if that they are in America and will be taken care of.  If there is such places as Hell and haven, this is defiantly Hell for these folks.

The crazy thing about this, is during all ah this, the president make a campaign stop in Missouri.  Where is our president common decency?

Every time I see stuff like that, it reminds me of that guy Called Major Honorary.  They called him in, in New Orleans and in no time, that man had order restored and that place working like ah Well Oiled Machine.


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