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#1 Sep 06, 2017 9:28 pm


Stay at home - Sometimes

Sometimes you run around too much . Not womanizing , but getting your projects completed . I learned 2 days ago , take it easy.
" Hey Dad  , what the heck are you doing down there  ?"  So I am here tonight shooting the breeze , and by mentioning  "" For the love of me "" brought   back to mind , The Isley Brothers.

So , talking to myself   ....... I said , I know that  line  and it came back . The Isley brothers .... the correct title is ' For the love of you'
Well let me say right away ' get  'The heat is on ' CD.

"drifting on a memory....
'Between the sheets ....
Living for the love of you ...

all great music , from the Isley Brothers.

music lovers ?


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