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#1 Sep 09, 2017 5:47 am


May we be reaching the turning point

In a world which appears to go from bad to worse without limit nor end,
in a life which past has been grim, and which future appears to many of us as only the amplified projection of the past,
and now with this hurricane Irma,
I wish that we be reaching the turning point
toward our uplifting as a humanity and planet,
into a reality of which many of us do not dare to even dream about.

Is it really that utopian to think that there is a purpose to everything?
and a limit to how far we can fall as a humanity and planet?
That if Creation springs from the divine Presence of Love and Light,
whatever tribulations: the outcome can only be the full and most glorious manifestation of this divine Presence
which is each of our origin and core spark?

I am convinced - may I say "I know" that we are in a process which is leading to a glory most of us would not dare to envision.

Wishing each of you a wonderful weekend and all the time ahead



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#2 Sep 09, 2017 8:24 am


Re: May we be reaching the turning point

Vanni ......  I am confused

>> ...... we are in a process which is leading to a glory most of us would not dare to envision  <<

Vanni Is your speculation a good or bad thing  ? Let's be hopeful .  Lets  Look on the bright side.
Enjoy your weekend.


#3 Sep 12, 2017 8:44 am


Re: May we be reaching the turning point

Dancer, if it would be speculation, wouldn't it be cynical, even cruel of me to post such a thing?

When we are in a process, we cannot see the outcome.

Weekend spent praying for those affected by the hurricane, and for our world in general - those we do not even know about, those not mediatised - who are being sick and dying daily for reasons like lack of water or unclean water to drink. Those lacking basic and life saving medication and care, and those even with medication who are facing illness. Whoever is in distress. Not just humans, but all Life. How has the plant and animal life experienced this hurricane, for example? Or drought? Or the distress of losing their forests and spaces for living? Or the violence imposed by humans?

Awakening is not a nice feeling, but a necessary process maybe? Or would such things as hurricanes and other extremely disrupting events be "allowed" to happen else?

However, once we have gone through that process, surrendering our instincts to our higher nature - an inner process, and which this life is about: life as we know it here, and which we believe to be the only, ever-repeating reality, in fact is no more necessary. It can then evolve to offer a new set of experiences of a higher level, transforming into something we have no ability to conceive yet. As the word ascension points toward. A process which some of us think is happening right now.

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