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#1 Sep 09, 2017 7:00 pm

New Historian

The Cruel Sea

Think of the sea. Imagine its power; constantly swirling around two thirds of the earth’s surface; never stopping, never still. A bottle dropped in Mauritius ends up in Mexico; entire coastlines eroded in a single lifetime; colossal rocks reduced to sand. Nothing can withstand the power of the sea, especially man’s feeble efforts. Despite our best technology there is no man-made structure that can survive the ocean’s power. Just look at how we describe the sea: calm, peaceful, furious or cruel - the whole range of human emotions. For the most part, the sea is our friend; gently rocking us to sleep or massaging us on the beach.

But sometimes she rises up; unleashes her fury….

Think of a storm; imagine the wind howling through the rigging, tearing away anything not securely lashed down. But the wind is the easy part. A good sailboat can handle any amount of wind; it’s what she was made for. It’s not the wind that kills you - it’s the water. The monster wave you don’t expect, the one you don’t see until it’s bearing down on you; until it’s too late.

Big waves aren’t necessarily lethal; a good helmsman can steer up and down the incoming waves, like a surfer. As long as they’re predictable, you can take evasive action against the big waves, or at least dampen the blow to something survivable. But every now and then the pattern changes, becomes unpredictable. You're expecting them from the bow and this bastard comes at you abeam, the worst possible angle.

Every sailor’s worst nightmare is the rogue wave - the seventh son of the seventh son. The one you don’t see coming, until it’s too late. Where escape is impossible, the best you can hope for is survival. There are few things in life more terrifying than the sight of a wall of malevolent black water; looming over your fragile craft, poised to strike. How dare you, human; how dare you challenge the awesome anger of the sea? 

I'll never forget that dread, that icy fear in the pit of your stomach. When you feel your boat going past the point of no return. When you know you're going over....


#2 Sep 10, 2017 7:20 pm


Re: The Cruel Sea … _Wrath.JPG

The sea has the temperament of a woman. Sometimes she is calm and cool as a cucumber and sometimes she's explosive like a volcano. We have to bear with her for she is beautiful and serves many purposes.


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