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#1 Sep 18, 2017 7:18 am


SEAN SPICER , Emmy Awards : BRANNON 60 minutes

TWITTER Reaction;    ..... ( Sean Spicer at Emmys show)    .... Washington Post.

1.. Do not  participate in the 2018 Sean Spicer redemption tour.
2 .. When Melissa McCarthy  did it , it was satire. That was a pathetic attempt to normalize  Spicer's cowardice and trump's narcissism.
3 .. The degree to which  Sean Spicer has faced no consequences is a glimpse into the post-trump future.
4 .. As  Deray would say , watch whiteness work to normalize Sean Spicer. COME ON !
5 .. Sean Spicer  peddled lies and deception  for months and he is on the Emmy stage. White folk got all the spades.
6 .. Sean Spicer at the Emmys ? does not take much for white men to be forgiven. ( a recent post told me the same thing. sad. lol.)
7 .. Sean Spicer gets the Emmy stage . Dylann Roof gets Berger King. What do some  white people have to be NOT good people .

LAST but not least  :::::: Spicer gets the Emmys ,,, Brannon gets 60 minutes   BUT

>> HILLARY CCLINTON  needs to shut up and go away <<

Isn't  Talk Shop educational ?


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