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#31 Oct 05, 2017 5:51 pm


Re: Nigga-toes!!!

Slice wrote:
houston wrote:

Is the Nutmeg still there?
Used to have the flying fish and this drink made from sea moss, delicious!

Lord houston, you need ah trip to the Spiceland.  It seems it has been over twenty years since you last visit, you will have culture shock.

Yes the Nutmeg is still dey.  They serve ah sweet roti.

Lord again houston, that drink that was made from sea moss is called Sea Moss.  Ah use to love me some Sea Moss, they say it was good for the back.  Ah hope you know what Good for the back means.

Yeah, come to think of it, that Sea Moss did have an effect on my back.
The flavour of the food and the excellent cooking was always fantastic. Been a while but seems like yesterday.
Used to really enjoy the grilled chicken legs from a street vendor on Lucas or some fresh Dolfin to cook at home. Made up a cheap grill with a tire rim and a cooling rack from the hardware store. Coal from the market was excellent to cook with.
Really miss the Pistachio ice cream. Can't get ice cream like that up here.


#32 Oct 06, 2017 7:12 am


Re: Nigga-toes!!!

New Historian wrote:

80 percent probably an understatement, those students lap up all that junk food at ridiculous prices. You buy all that crap Slice? Lawd man go down the veg market and fish market and get some fresh local foods lol!

You might be surprise at my eating habits.  All my fruits and vegetables and also meats are organic. But when ah in Grenada wha ah go do? Ah have to eat.

I am honestly scared of the products that are grown in Grenada. I spend ah day with me PADNAH watching him farm.  Lord ah was fraid when he was done.  when it was time to put the seeds in the ground, he wore and overall with ah face mask to use the chemicals to keep the birds  and other pest away.

Grenadian farmers use too much chemicals. Maybe ah will invest in Organic fresh farm store in Grenada.  Ah bet ah make ah ton ah money from the American students on the island.


#33 Oct 06, 2017 10:15 am

New Historian

Re: Nigga-toes!!!

Grenadian farmers use too much chemicals.

True dat


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