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#1 Oct 04, 2017 2:12 pm

New Historian

When Bob met Stevie

All of this depressing dialogue with hard-headed gun aficionados (or one in particular lol!) has gotten me down, so here's a pleasant memory for a change:

Clash of the Superstars

Finally in Jamaica, a must-see concert by a real live music superstar: Stevie Wonder. Plus our very own Bob Marley and the Wailers as the main support act. Kingston was abuzz and VIP tickets were as scarce as good gold. In 1975 the Wailers returned to Jamaica fresh from their conquest of England which they topped off with a legendary concert and live LP at the Lyceum. It would also be the last time the original Wailers Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer would ever play together.

While the opening acts were working up the crowd I decided to wander around backstage, to see what I could see. I had two cameras slung around my neck, so it was easy to masquerade as a professional photographer. Jamaica being Jamaica they'd parked a smelly old Kingston bus behind the stage and used it as a dressing room. They had to lift blind Stevie up the steps, but he loved the third-worldliness of it all. I waved my cameras at the security guards and breezed into the packed bus. As I snapped away and nibbled on ital canapés, Bob Marley strolled in and the two superstars disappeared in a welter of hugs and love-you-mans.

As flunkies fluttered the two superstars agreed on an “impromptu” collaboration at the end of Stevie’s headline set, with a joint band playing one each of their biggest hits: Stevie’s Superstition and Bob’s I Shot the Sheriff.

I scooted back to my seat and mysteriously predicted what was to follow, even naming the songs. Then returned to my spot on stage to capture the historic moment. I sold the photos for a pittance, considering the significance.



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