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#1 Oct 24, 2017 10:18 pm


Just spent about2 hours "chatting" to Netflix

I have been trying to "verify" my cell phone, and it wont go through.

I have been on this for about 3 days, it has been raised about 3 levels but all I get is our system shows you are traveling.

True my IP is traveling, as doing a speed test it firmly states my IP is hosted in Barbados, and spookily enough that I am located in Barbados.   NOT!!!

But this story about roaming is BS, as I just used my home number and opted for a voice message, and my home phone rang, and I was given the code by an automaton.

Having proved their system didn't really care I removed that phone as it'snot a mobile, re-entered my cell to see if it got over the glitch... it hadn't...then I tried to reset it to the land line, and it refused to go through.... FFS.

Their system sucks.

Tomorrow I buy a data plan for the day, log on via the phone and try to register the phone utilizing the app/phone and carrier all in the same place.

Netflix may have a crap system, but Flow may be hosting from Barbados, but a Grenadian customer should have a Grenadian IP.


#2 Oct 29, 2017 12:13 am


Re: Just spent about2 hours "chatting" to Netflix

OK, all change. Netflix rock, it is bloody Digicell that are crap.

Neither my sim in my phone or another can receive a text or call, but a Flow number will receive it, and so will my UK cell.

So it is Digi playing the fool that is making it impossible for netflix to decide where I am.

Oh, and I think the landline not reacting the second time was my fault... So hooray for Netflix... smile


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