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#1 Nov 01, 2017 11:46 pm


Complacent in Grenada?

I wonder if the Oh sheite I wouldn't have thought any body would do that in Grenada mentality is alive and well in Greenz?

We have a burgeoning tourist industry, the ravages of the depression are fading regardless of which party is in... I don't blame TT for not digging us out as the World slumped, and I don't praise Dr K because the World has pulled up it's panties and tourism is picking up again. There was very little politics involved either way.

But we do not seem to have any concept of how easily The Islamic State supported by dick heads in Trinidad, if not those already in Grenada could destroy our tourist industry. It is far more fragile than Indonesia, or Singapore. One bomb or lunatic with an AK would set Grenada back 20 years.

I do know of groups that are being pro-active which I will not name, but there is barely a traffic police presence let alone a protect the tourist presence.

I guess we will have to wait for the I told you so moment to arrive.

I doubt we have to worry about crazies running pedestrians down the streets are to difficult for the most part, with high kerbs.

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#2 Nov 02, 2017 6:57 am


Re: Complacent in Grenada?

The good thing is Grenadians are so farce.  They are in everybody business.  Nothing passess them farce Grenadian.  No matter how ah try, they see me coming from 10 miles away.

Ah go the market to buy some ripe fig and sapodilla, and the guy in front ah me pay $5,00 for fig and sapodilla and ah pay $12.00.

Talking about the American motto, see something say something.  Lord Grenadians doh have to see anything to say something.  They will say.  My main worries is the attitude of the police.  One of me neighbor got into ah fight with someone for ah little piece ah land, he call the police and four hours later they show up.


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