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#1 Nov 05, 2017 2:02 pm


Waltzing Matilda

Picked up a Poppy today from one of those boxes. Was waiting to get one from a Veteran that takes the time to pin it on with pride. Unfortunately I have seen no Veterans to honour this year.


#2 Nov 06, 2017 9:28 am


Re: Waltzing Matilda

One reason why I participate in TS is it can be an unexpected source of knowledge.

To the sombre subject, Poppy day and Lifeboat collections are ones I try very hard to participate in. I do remember as a small child being dragged around the cold cold streets of Chiswick by my Mother collecting door to door for Poppy Day. We need to do more than talk the talk for those who did what we fortunately have not been asked to do. Money may only help in a small way, but it is better than just giving lip service.

On a lighter tone, I was confused when the Poges started up, I am thinking, hang on a second, the Poges aren't Aussies... and they are not. But I guess there is no reason why they couldn't speak to the subject. As for learning, I learned that Poges is short for Pogue Mahone, which is the anglicised  version of póg mo thóin, which means kiss my arse.


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