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#31 Nov 11, 2017 12:18 am


Re: Mass killings in USA

Lust, that is.


#32 Nov 11, 2017 7:22 am

New Historian

Re: Mass killings in USA

Expat wrote:
New Historian wrote:

"Regrettably where America goes Britain follows"

That's just not true. Britain does not have a gun culture, Britain does not have a hateful, divisive political culture, Britain is far more inclusive and tolerant than America, race relations in Britain are far superior to that in the USA, I could go on....

I don't know what planet you have been on kiddo. Despite all the positive things you state which are basically true regarding the social structure of the UK.... Which is still a long way from perfection. The thrust of my previous post was that The UK, and many countries along with it are being influenced down the path of decadence which America has already passed.

I will accept I strayed away from the subject line, but I was illustrating why Europe is following American trends.

Mass killings other than those created by ISIS or previously the IRA are very rare, but have happened. Hungerford and Dunblane spring to mind. I think Norway had a bad mass shooting as well not so long ago.

There IS a gun culture, it is just a very different gun culture. Farmers often have guns, shotguns for vermin control, and small caliber handguns for animal dispatch. Many many people have guns, but they are issued ONLY for use in sport, and the police are very strict with making sure the weapons are used within sport via a club. I know of people who have been squabbling about fees with their club, and have failed to pay the membership fee... The police did their regular checks, and finding they were not paid up members took away their firearms license.... and guns.

Due to the lack of "self protection" gun owners comply and always travel with guns in locked cases or gun slips, also generally while owners may have a gun mentality, it is not a gung ho rambo mentality. I would suggest that it IS the regulation which America resists that helps to bring guns to the fore.

People holding guns does not have to automatically mean mass killings. We have around 1% gun ownership in Grenada, and issues with citizens are very very few. Actually were the authorities to give better guidance on what is or is not acceptable or legal there might be even fewer mishaps. Eg the latest event where a Lottery outlet owner thought himself to have been robbed, and went after the people he thought guilty. He would have been better advised not to go chasing off after the event without the gun. Which automatically set him up for being in the wrong. Having got there despite being attacked by a guy with a cutlass..... He was on their land, and should have run off. As it stands he is now the aggressor, so stands to be convicted.

Bollocks, there's no gun culture in Britain, no one I know or ever have known in the UK has owned a gun; I can't say that for any of the (many) other countries I've lived in. Farmers and toffs will have their shotguns but certainly not city folk. The numbers are 6.6 per 100 in UK versus 101-odd (but who really knows?) in the USA; in NO way are those numbers comparable.

Hence, imho: bollocks was spoken.


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