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#1 Dec 20, 2016 9:00 am



Ah know I am ah dog, but ah realize dogs begins to develop some kinda reason, as they get older.  For the last month a ooman ah know came out straight and said, ah know ah married, but ah know me husband have other women and ah must get him back.  She said, you are the man.  Ah say name you place and time.  Honestly she is nice and ting, but me ent feeling that way about her. In other words ah doh really want to do it to her.

I think it is an insult, if ah woman ask you out and you turn her down, but ah so damn conflicted about her, ah doh know what to do.  She is kinda sexy, and not poor, she could take care of herself, but ah just ent feeling it for her.

In the end ah just might end up screwing her, but ah really doh want too.


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