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#1 Nov 26, 2017 1:06 pm



Straight Out  ..... Winter Olympics ......... Awesome !

A good Govt service  CBC Tv  brings like 80% of the games , but the great thing is the show the other participants  also
Since Canada is not the tropics , we are entered in lots of events.  So from ....
Figure skating
Ski Jumping
Speed skating
Bob Sleigh ( a Nigerian all female 3 man crew will  make history. lol

... the list goes on  ... Thrilling action , .. crash and burn before your very eyes.. lo

When I mention to  some  'Hey winter Olympics  great , ... yeah , yeah , whatever ...
Now that is sad.   ....  As Trump would say ...losers.

Thus SOUTH KOREA    is  prepared to deliver a memorable games experience.. Feb 9  to Feb 29  ...  2018

Venues are complete , the Olympic villages are being kittled out , the Olympic torch relay  is generating excitement  for the games across the republic of Korea. I can also attest to the convenience of the new KTX high speed railway. These are but a few of the preparations  to male these Olympics a memorable event for fans and athletes.


Side note  :::: SOUTH KOREA restricts cat, dog meat markets in wake of 2018 petitions.


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