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Welcome to the one and only Spiceislander Talkshop.

#1 Dec 23, 2016 8:37 am



without any doubt the worst talkshopper of all time is RECS.

(5) NJtony for taking the first step to pay the Old shop massive bill. There are a number of folks who contributed to helping NJTONY reduce his huge debt.  For that, the shop is thankful.

(4)  RandyG and Jeremy for realizing the shop was in trouble and needed help.  When approach about turning over the shop to New owners, they did not hesitate and did what was necessary to save the shop.

(3) Slice.  Once he realize, that if action was not taken, that Grenadians will have no place to argue.  Slice immediately contacted some key players in the Grenadian community and started working towards reestablishing  Talkshop.

(2) Luv.  Once told that Talkshop was in trouble, that woman sprang into action.  She made it clear, that if she had anything to do with it, Talkshop will never close.  She said this is  a part of Grenada heritage and culture and it must not be closed   There was daily communicated to keep the shop opened.  Her financial contribution towards the ole shop debt, was huge and  I am sure NJtony appreciated her help towards reducing his debt.

(1) Hard work always pays of.  That man is so committed to Talkshop it is absolutely crazy.  When told that the shop is in trouble, he started working towards reestablishing Talkshop.  Communication was ongoing between the important players and it never stop. His commitment to the forum is ongoing and tireless. I counted my messages from him and it is over one hundred.  He did his best to establish the OLD forum, but trust me that old forum is dead and can not come back.   The number one Talkshop of the year is, allyu take ah guess.


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