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#1 Dec 24, 2016 12:35 am


Carl Paladino's Racist Comments About Pres. Obama & Mrs. Obama

It is so disgusting to read the statements made by Mr. Paladino about Pres. Obama and Mrs. Obama. Here is the link: … id=SK2EDHP

Trumpets believe that they have a license to be vile and cruel.


#2 Dec 25, 2016 12:13 pm


Re: Carl Paladino's Racist Comments About Pres. Obama & Mrs. Obama

Not today, I ent letting no fool spoil this great day.


#3 Dec 26, 2016 10:00 am


Re: Carl Paladino's Racist Comments About Pres. Obama & Mrs. Obama

So, now that Christmas is over:

I wouldn't risk to wipe my backside with such vibes in a text: I may end up with a neatly purple-n-green spotted moon.

While it shocks me to hear of someone wishing someone else's death, up to there, it could be from anyone to anyone. Where racism is becoming serious, is when he suggests to Michelle Obama to return to Africa. Little question: where do you return the wish and kindly suggest a white person to go back? In America, mabye you wish someone to go back to England? Or, as his name suggests, to Italy? But maybe the most suitable remedy for such people is to regress to a stage of innocence and purity where they can resume hopefully on a more heart-based note. Something Life may do out of compassion.

This said, and while I prefer someone who speaks out loud what he thinks silently - "know your enemy" vs political correctness, where hate is being distilled with a smile and half-decent words, political correctness which greatest ill is to make communicating about a subject impossible, and thus no chance to help the situation:

one would expect on behalf of public figures to have a minimum of wisdom, allowing them to not be primitive. Places of responsibility are not for hatemongers.

So if I am responding to this post, it is to repeat my take on President Obama:

... if it were truly President Obama's doing to "destroy America" ... we'll know the truth, I am confident.

And I would not be surprised to get to know that President Obama, despite some actions I cannot understand and which trouble me, in fact deeply loves the Americans and America, and has been doing his best all along, in a context which, if the description I have read is true, is pure hell! Sadly, the mainstream media wanted us to think and feel like Paladino about him. But whoever listens to his heart may find faith in President Obama. Let us see what TRANSPARENCY and TRUTH bring.

So, about President Obama, he appears to have had to navigate with as much wisdom as possible, among people who actually hate. Just hate. And thus hate Americans and America, and would have killed Obama and Family, wouldn't they have complied. Who do not have any shadow of ill feeling to destroy Americans and America just for their own power and benefit.

In such a context, I believe that President Obama found ways to still do as much good as he could, in ways I sometimes do not understand. This is how I see the situation until now. I trust it that we'll be thoroughly informed about the truth, which, I repeat, will surprise us and possibly make those who considered President Obama very lowly, to regret to have done so.

Anyway, it's not worth more than that to me, because I am sure of one thing: such a mentality has no future, and uplifting becomes urgent.

What some are aware of, is that there is presently a shift in frequencies toward the higher. Whoever is already at that level, or is in the process of shifting, will be part of the future. Whoever does not, won't be part of it. No need for violence. Life will take care of it by itself.

So may we not feed such people with our negativity in response to theirs, let us not lose our energy in giving too much of our precious attention to people of this kind, who will be facing life-changing choices. They are worth only our wish for them to see the light.

While we keep ourselves informed, and manage it to not get dragged down - perilous exercise smile Let us act in wisdom and love wherever we can, let us focus on cultivating the sublime or divine, on living by our heart, by spirit, on elevating ourselves. On keeping our thoughts, intentions, souls and bodies pure: this is what really and absolutely matters now. This is what is changing our world.

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#4 Dec 26, 2016 6:25 pm


Re: Carl Paladino's Racist Comments About Pres. Obama & Mrs. Obama

You've said it all and said it well, Vanni. I particularly liked your suggestion for dealing with someone like Mr. Paladino: he needs to "regress to a state of innocence and purity"! Let's hope that such a remedy would do the trick for someone like Mr. Paladino because, from his statements, he needs a lot of urgent help.


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