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#1 Dec 24, 2016 1:16 am

Mt Rich Possi

Some Great Stocking Stuffers for Hillary and Bill

Donald Trump should send Hillary and Bill Clinton the following stocking Stuffers and gifts for their Christmas Presents..

(1)  A Box of Baby Wipes
(2)  Baby Sooters
(3)  A big box of Diapers... The ones they can use all day long without changing.

And most of all a big slap of cheese to go with their constant whinning....

I am getting so sick and tired of Hillary and Bill constantly crying about losing the Election...

First  it was the FBI director
Second they request a recounts in 3 states
3rd the Russians hacked the Election
4th  Donald Trump got angry white men to vote for him

Hillary need to curl up with a good book under her covers with her dogs and then go for a walk in the woods and let Donald Trump do his job in peace instead of crying over and over about losing the Election...

Mt Rich Possi


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