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#11 Jan 20, 2018 4:55 pm


Re: Now I know why Americans, and by degrees the rst of us are getting fat

Expat wrote:

Just watched a UTube about making perfect MacD french fries.

Lots of phaphing about I wont bore you with, but one key point was after a dunk in boiling water they were soaked for 10 minutes in a heavily laced bowl with a whopping amount of Corn Syrup, (you know, the stuff RD reckons is no worse than anything else), and a large slug or granulated sugar in water.

So, like I said previously, all kinds of food get laced with sugars.... even chips...... madness.

Well ah few Food markets are moving away from those trends.  Whole Foods for one and one called Giant in me area.  But in all honesty ah love sweets stuff.  Must have some lactose free Ice cream nightly.


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