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#1 Jan 28, 2018 7:02 pm


"In Search of the Lost Girl" - a documentary and my reflections

I just finished watching a documentary with Chris Packham, "In Search of the Lost Girl" - from a photo he took twenty years ago in Sumatra of a member of the Orang Rimba hunter-gatherer tribe. He was touched by this little girl and wanted to know her fate.

As he arrived in Sumatra, he discovered how millions of hectares of her jungle habitat had been destroyed, while seven members of her tribe - three of her own family - had been brutally killed.

He eventually found her, but living on a palm oil plantation. He reflected upon our responsibility in deforestation.

Having seen the huge areas - to the horizon - planted with oil palms, which were once a forest formed over millions of years, I was feeling overwhelmed. How could we ever heal all the damage - this one and so much more damage - we humans have inflicted to Earth? How could we end the warring? The poverty? How can we care for the most vital need of each living Being - clean water, healthy food, comfortable and agreeable shelter - which all contribute to our turning ourselves toward more noble preoccupations than survival?

I think that part of the answer, together with our best will, is in a power which transcends our own human one based on linear thinking and acting. Some of us know of this power and are using it daily in our own personal way and life. But don't talk about it, as we'd be easily considered as mild cretins smile

And, thinking of it, could the appalling situation on Earth - or some dire personal situations, whenever we are feeling overwhelmed - be our opportunity to turn ourselves toward a greater power, one of Its own Intelligence, which goes beyond our way of problem solving based on pure reasoning?

I may be called an optimist, but to be honest, I cannot see that we may ever heal our planet and all Life and living Beings in time with our present ways and means.

Struggle, opposition, power, violence have failed once and for all. They won't save our planet and humanity. So there must be another way.

Our future now, as humans, individually as well as a community, and as a planet, as far as I understand it lies within a power which we may not have considered until now, or which we may consider as unrealistic. Yet, it is slowly but surely becoming the most realistic option.

As we allow ourselves to be touched, allow ourselves to be vulnerable, allow ourselves to care, and are offering our best will, and are turning ourselves toward something beyond our control and reasoning ... toward Love, toward Spirit, toward the Intelligence of Life: Life is touched by us, Life is responding and is intervening accordingly.

And miracles happen.

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