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#1 Feb 09, 2018 11:47 am


Nick Foubert R.I.P.

Nick Foubert, former at G.B.S.S.  passed away Wed. Feb. 7, 2018.

I have no other details at this time.


#2 Feb 09, 2018 9:28 pm


Re: Nick Foubert R.I.P.

Condolences to Mr. Foubert's family.

He was one of the most professional, dedicated teachers during my time at the G.B.S.S. (G.B.S.S.)  In fact, he was a perfectionist in so many ways! One indication of this was his then-novel (to many of us), "French Lab", which Mr. Foubert meticulously adorned with various aids to ensure that we mastered the lessons geared, from his syllabus, to our understanding of the challenging language, French. I also remember that Mr. Foubert's classrooms were structured such that students' seating reflected how well they were doing in the class. If seated at the back, classmates knew that the student had not done well in a prior assignment.  We all coveted the seats that said we were making admirable progress. (I vaguely recall that the seating arrangement followed a circle . . . I am subject to correction.)

With such dedication to his students, naturally there were those who really excelled in French. One such person was Raymond Nurse ("Gallo"). Although he was 2 forms ahead of me, Gallo and his classmates who loved French, often spoke fondly about Mr. Foubert.

Mr. Foubert served G.B.S.S. selflessly! His contributions should not be forgotten.

May Mr. Foubert R.I.P.

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#3 Feb 12, 2018 11:33 pm


Re: Nick Foubert R.I.P.

I am out of the country right now, but I will see that Nick's family have a copy of what you have written.
I gather that his visitation and memorial service will be later this week. … 347/Events

I too remember Nick as so very hard working.  You should have seen the colour-coded system he used for scheduling at GBSS! It took a lot of patience and attention to detail. He was very helpful and supportive to me in my 3 years (1975-1978) teaching at GBSS.  Since we were both Canadians, I suppose we had an instant bond.

This business of getting older is a real hassle.  So many fine colleagues from GBSS have passed away. And not every student has outlived me. That seems a perversion of the natural order.

Nick has had some serious health problems over the past few years, but every time I spoke to him he was optimistic and cheerful.


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