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#1 Feb 16, 2018 10:56 am

Spice Concoction

A#KEEM "REVOLUTION" New Mixtape (2018)

"Being fortunate enough to be present in the era of information, it will be foolish of a man to not seek the truth. After searching, gathering, and compiling truth, we must then, with fair reasoning, be able to conclude the most suitable path for progress, which consequently means the abolition of some traditions, beliefs, and laws. We then must invoke within us a revolution, that induces a positive evolution. - A#keem

Artwork by: A#keem
Producer Credits: Morgan Mathews, Lion Riddims, Skyper D Scientist
Lyrics Credits: A#keem, Jalena, Tammy Baldeo
Mixed by: D Vault Studio, Top Level Recording
Mastered by: Andrew Denny

Executive Producer: Spice Concoction

Find A#keem at

Soundcloud: … xtape-2018
MixCloud: … tape-2018/



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