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#1 Jan 05, 2017 8:20 pm

The Frenchman

"A Pondering Concern With Unimaginable Consequences"

As the year 2017 is upon us, the people of the world, by now, must realize that while we were laying comfortably in our beds at night,  the evil minds of the so-called "Freedom Fighters for Truth and Transparency" were busily making it their business to hold the world hostage and bring us closer to the day of our possible ammaghedon.

 The much ballyhooed Weapons of Mass Destruction has taken on a new phenomenon; away from the chemical properties contained in their Nutrons, Protons and Isotopes of their nuclear configurations, to the manipulation of those simple "zeros and ones" in the computers that control them. As such,  a new breed of "clandestine mercenaries" has  been developed, with powers, never before seen and harnes in that newly created world of Cyber Space. Worse yet, they are faceless and opperate surrupticously in corroboration with any individual or government willing to purchase their craft for a fee. This covert approach which can be performed within the sanctuary of one's home only adds to the vulnerability that we all face. That power to make change without any sense of responsibility, accountability and devoid of any standard of reasonability, is what has lead to this escalation of fear and one which we complacently accept as a fait accompli.

It all began when just a few years ago, we had no problems with a Tech Support in Taiwan, India, Bangladesh or even in another US state, taking over our computers at home and correcting whatever problems we were facing, usually a virus of some kind. We paid them handsomely for their services, even taking out contracts for their continuing monitoring. We brought them into our comfort zone of trust; in essence, making them our extended families.

And even though we had never met or spoken to them, we never stop to realize that we were paying for our own ignorance. We had placed in the hands of perfect strangers, all our personal and private information with the assurance that they would not be read, copied or exposed ........and we believed them. Needless to say, the "Genie came out of the bottle" in this past Presidential Election and established Julien Assenge of Wilikeaks as the " guard to the closet where the skeletons lay" hence making him one of the most powerful man in the world. With that comes the reality that any succeeding politician or businessman; King, Queen or Oligarch, better kiss Julien's ....#$s "ring" or run the risk of vexing him, only to be feel his wrath.

Fast forwarding into this "new normal of inter-connectivity, WE!, the people of the world, have become fully dependent on each other in every aspects of our lives. That group, using the restrictions of government tenets and the ignorence of political leaders, has morphed into an uncontrollable force, the equivalent of which can only be measured by their ability and decison to spear us the indignity of embarrassment. It would not be suprising to learn that they already have at their fingertips, access to the functional codes of every major computer systems of every country in the world. what that means is our infrastructural reliance on continuous smooth operations are now at risk, from our Electric Grids; the functionality of our Dam system; our financial/banking institutions; our nuclear facilities and our transportation system.

So with the click of a Mouse, they can literally empty our bank accounts and turn-off our lights. The North Korean black-out experience for allegedly hacking Sony Pictures in December of 2015 brings into focus, the magnitude of the power behind those who have solicited this buisness to reek havoc on their adversaries. And as I understand it, much of the Super Powers and oil producing countries are investing heavily in Cyber Intelligence as a means of remaining militarily competitive.

This now brings into the arena of discussions the degree to which any government is willing to placate the new found power of these individuals to help supplant their nuclear ambition and it is precisely why we can envision the dangerousness of our time.

A Happy New Year to all

The Monsieur from the French Quarters


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