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#1 May 16, 2018 7:34 am


FAT TAX ...... Disgusting ... says some

I was looking for the current news on the wedding , but came upon the 'fat tax' revolt.

Some 'plus size' women  are up in arms , claiming discrimination.
WHY , you ask .
A few stores demand a 15% increase to the cost of a dress in the ' Plus Size' range. Men are not subjected  to the same price if they have a few pounds over the norm. lol.

Women make another claim , stating that the stores are sending a backhanded message  , pay for over weight  or lose weight ... 'fatty'. Insulting our right to a 'plus size ' life.

Well ... some normal size women , are  having a giggle saying ...
* Look if you can't  afford  the extra money for larger clothes , eat less cake.
* If you go into Starbucks or Tim Hortons for a coffee , you pay different for a small , medium , or large. lol.

I don't see why the JA  should be upset for having to pay more money  for extra fabric for a dress.


#2 May 16, 2018 12:29 pm


Re: FAT TAX ...... Disgusting ... says some

It is ludicrous to expect a size 0 and a size 24 to be the same price. Just on simple manufacturing cost basis the prices should be different.  Not only might you be using 50% extra fabric, also more thread to stitch, and more time to complete the item.

Proportional increases are acceptable IMO.

The other side of the coin is Skinnies have been paying too much for their smaller clothes to subsidise the Fatties eating habits.

Put tarif pon dem.   smile


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