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#1 Jun 02, 2018 3:29 pm


Your flight controllers are Jackasses.

I real time I have just watched a jetblue to NY sitting on the apron for ages.

Just as a BA from the UK is literally on the end of the runway they turn the BA and start the Jetblue to go onto the runway., The BA has to do a big circle off the end of the runway at 2000 ft to kill time while the Jet Blue takes off.

They couldn't handle a take off and land regime in Heathrow for sure, with landings at 90 second intervals. Not only that, but the Jet Blue does a sharp turn into the oncoming BA, and is at roughly 5000 ft on a level with St Georges as the BA is just about to touch down.  Madness.

As the BA stops at the terminal the JB flight is only 37 miles away.

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