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#11 Jun 03, 2018 8:19 pm

New Historian

Re: Slice and Expat, great to meet!

I'm going to invite my friends to chip in, let's all do the same - again lol! I was explaining to my wife about the whole shrinkage of TS, kept alive by a nucleus of online friends - and frenemies lol! I've been on here since .... '94/95? Forever, it seems. Sometimes I go ages without saying a thing, and sometimes I repeat myself endlessly! But we all enjoy the repartee and banter - even when things occasionally get heated - when people won't agree with me lol!

Now Slice, you want to shed the JCB tag but there you go: mentioning time and lateness lol! Things like punctuality and time management are un-Grenadian activities, you have to shed those alien values! Once you dumb down your expectations, about service, banks, mechanics, plumbers and just about every other "service" provider in Grenada - you'd be amazed how chilled you'll become! When you expect the worst, everything above that is a plus!

And doh worry, the few traces of twang will soon disappear!

Great meeting you guys.


#12 Jun 04, 2018 6:35 am


Re: Slice and Expat, great to meet!

Eventually I will become ah true Spiceman.  Lord according to you, you resided in 10 countries, but you are  Grenadian to the bone.


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