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#1 Jun 28, 2018 11:00 am

New Historian

Barbados exporting monkeys for vivisection

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a favourite stop along the tourist circuit, owned by a Canadian primatologist called Jean Baulu. To call it “wildlife” was a bit optimistic, children and their bored parents are led on a stroll overlooking a bunch of timid turtles and mild mannered monkeys. But all those cute little monkeys were being held in captivity for another, more sinister reason: vivisection.

The only natural wildlife in Barbados is monkeys, and there are a lot of them. For farmers they are a pest, picture monkeys in a banana plantation. The farmer’s normal answer to the monkey problem was to poison them, so the Wildlife Reserve offered to remove the monkeys in a more humane way. They would set traps, and bring the captive animals to the Wildlife Reserve, where they were held in large enclosures, to get them acclimatized to human beings. This is when the kiddies go ooh and aah.

But what the tourists don’t know was that after the monkeys had become sufficiently acclimatized, they are crated up and shipped off to vivisection laboratories abroad, where their body parts used to produce human vaccines – and who knows what else. That’s where the Reserve makes most of its money.!topic … vcR6XQsroY


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#2 Jun 28, 2018 11:41 am


Re: Barbados exporting monkeys for vivisection

The Bajans need every little bit of much needed foreign exchange  dese days . So they have to be creative .
Not citizenship though .


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