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#1 Jul 14, 2018 8:42 pm


First visit to Canada

The boy was all of six years old when he arrived at Pearson International Airport for a three week visit over the Christmas break.
As usual there were many flights arriving at the same time so I stood and focussed on passengers that might be arriving from Grenada. During the wait I could see airline staff standing with a few kids at the passenger exit. Not one of them looked like the kid I was waiting for.
As I waited there was a little kid wearing a toque that raced by towing a suitcase that was larger than he was. He was dashing down the aisle on his own before the staff retrieved him and brought him back to the gathering of the other young passengers.
Upon a closer look I realized that that rascal was the boy I was there to collect. His mom had dressed him in heavy clothing so I didn't recognize him at all.
It was a long time of wait and worry but with some ID and signatures we were free from the dreaded airport. There was quite a snowstorm going on that night so brought a parka, snow pants and boots for the lad to put on before heading for the car.
The first thing he did out the door was look up and say "snow!" He was fascinated and stuck out his tongue to catch a flake.
On the drive home he asked with his sleepy eyes " are there mommies in Canada?"
I laughed and realized he had been watching too many episodes of The Mummy Returns.
It was a blast to witness his eyes exposed to different things for the first time.
Skating, sledding, snowballs and snowforts. Automatic doors and escalators were like something out of Star Trek.
The three weeks went by fast, it wasn’t easy to return him to the airport after a riot of fun.


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