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Welcome to the one and only Spiceislander Talkshop.

#1 Jul 15, 2018 7:09 am

Mary Seacole/deportees

You met me living there you left me living there

And you so!!! won't take me out there until I am ready to leave there myself.
If the cap fit you wear it. Or just watch the cap and wish it well
So you could go ahead and  tell them to do what you want as usual
People have to know who they encountered in life.
There are some people who you don't know if you ever cross their path take note of whose path you cross because if dog bite some of them they want dog to bite you too, if somebody kick them they want you to get kick to
God is in control not all you . If somebody work hard for something these are the first kind of people who shamefully  trys to stand in your way even if they themselves  can't do the job!!!
Keep on showing yourselves up haaaaaaa
Haaaaaa haaaaaaa.   
Who laugh last laugh best

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