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#21 Jul 20, 2018 9:43 pm


Re: Trump and Putin ........ blame the Obama , Hillary Haters

GMW wrote:
Expat wrote:

That Maths still doesn't add up, as Trump only just got the pass mark in the election with EVERY body, Base, Evangelicals, and Disgruntled voters all rolled into one.... and there would have been anything from 30% to 50% of those voters being female.  It is impossible for there to be 60% of White male voters supporting Trump.

Hey XP you notice I ignored your debate about yards and inches? That's because its somewhat of a distraction. The Fact is were not for the enabling of this treasonous crook by these powerful groups I mentioned that filth would have been up shit creek a long time ago. What's happening right now is as much a reflection of America's real values in these time as it is about Trump's sleaziness.

Sure but lets not use made up figures that fit the bill the same way Trump does.


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