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#1 Jul 19, 2018 8:20 am


A 500 pound Grouper eats 3 foot shark.

There is a reason goliath groupers are called garbage disposals of the sea - they eat everything in sight , including sharks apparently .
A group of fishermen   were able to witness a 500 lb  grouper;s rare meal during a fishing trip off the coast of Florida  last week. They said the grouper just sucked the 3 foot shark right in .
My question is simple .
Is this grouper the same fish that we West Indians pay so much money for in fish markets ?
Where is New Historian ,  when he is needed., Fox news.


#2 Jul 19, 2018 9:15 am

New Historian

Re: A 500 pound Grouper eats 3 foot shark.

My earns burning? Yes grouper grow to enormous size, don't doubt that story at all. Once a fisherman in Jamaica shot a big one and tied it to his foot to drag it back to shore. Problem was: it wasn't dead, and did what all fish do when they getting out of danger - it swam down....

Bye bye fisherman


#3 Jul 19, 2018 10:22 am


Re: A 500 pound Grouper eats 3 foot shark.

Thanks New Historian , now I can reply to those shark haters.
As a lover of shark ,  sometimes 'friends' question my eating that fish . You know the usual complaints , sharks eat people and things .
Now I can tell those grouper lovers , wheel and come again.
.... As  you know that I am  sorta skeptical of your 'tall stories' ...... >> tied it to his foot  <<
Bye, bye , fisherman.
SMH. lol.


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