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#1 Aug 18, 2018 5:17 pm


KKK-Bombed, Friend of Rosa Parks, White Pastor Still Fighting

The following excerpts from the article (see the link at the end) say a lot about the period involved and about the commitment of persons like Rev. Graetz:

1. "Robert Graetz: There were bombs that were aimed at four different African-American churches and two homes: the Rev. Ralph Abernathy’s home and our home. The dreadful thing about that bombing is that David, our son, had just been born."

2. "Reverend, what do you make of the landscape in Alabama and across America today?

Robert Graetz: Everything is totally transformed and totally out of control. I think this is one of the most dangerous periods of time I’ve ever been through in this world, and who knows what the possibilities are?

What’s the solution?

Robert Graetz: The solution is going to have to come in very small pieces. Any time you can find two or three or a half dozen or 20 people who are ready to find a way to build a little bit of a semblance of order, we need to grab at that and begin building some order here and there. That’s it. I think we’ve got a long, long road.

Do you see any reason for optimism?

Robert Graetz: Any time I see two people getting together and smiling." … spartandhp


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