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#11 Nov 27, 2018 10:22 am


Re: Well, the PRG was right. An invasion was coming....

I think apart from RD, the other person who might be able to assist is Piratejenny.  She has ah wealth of information about Grenada as ah whole.  I was pleasantly surprise about the info, she had on my uncle Cacademo Grant.  One day ah might publish that information.  After ah get the ok from me brothers and sisters.  Rd is correct none of us here were Eyewitness to that day.  On one of return back to Grenada, I happen to meet five folks who was deeply involved.  What these folks told me made the the hair on me back grow five inches.  It was very scarry and almost inhuman.  Ah half ah bottle ah rum and I got the full stories.  One of the main players remain ah personal friend.


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