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#1 Jan 27, 2017 8:51 am


A tribute to Barack Obama

I mentioned previously that on Inauguration Day this January - keeping it sober: I watched Barack Obama leave with a very, very heavy heart.

Now that he is gone, I am finding myself grieving.

Oh not that I always understood nor agreed with (what appeared to be) his choices and decisions.

But look at the person ... His Being is radiant. Authentic. There is something beyond words, beyond reason, which addresses itself to the heart. And I do trust my heart. It was more than appearances.

He was greeted and celebrated on his inauguration day eight years ago by the whole of humanity in unison.

He has been wonderfully accompanied throughout by his wife Michelle and their two daughters.

In the meantime, I have witnessed a lot who were initially enthusiastic and who little by little gave up on him, due to some decisions they did not understand. While, facing some of his choices, I too was feeling a conflict between my mind and my heart, and while I disagreed, I kept faith in my intuition and heart and never gave up on who I think is the real Obama. I keep thinking that the political Obama is not the one truly representative of himself. What do we know of what is happening behind the political curtains?

I am sure that there is global grief - admitted or not - in what is now his absence. Will he come back in a different way, free to be his true Self and unhindered to efficiently contribute to the good of Humanity?

Yes he can smile

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#2 Jan 27, 2017 7:21 pm


Re: A tribute to Barack Obama

It would be almost impossible to be able to agree with ANY persons entire life/political viewpoint.

But we choose those who most closely follow what we would wish.

Obama may have been tooooo cautious in some cases, and I thought foolish for bringing red lines to the table, with no ability or stomach to follow through. But on the scales I would certainly have judged him to be every bit the President I would have wanted at the helm if I were American.

Once the dust has settled, and intelligent balanced observations are made about the Obama era without myopic Republican bile being poured on I am sure the Obama era will be rated as one of the best America has had.

I am certainly far from confident about his successor. His lack of eloquence when put up against ANY countries leader to date must be embarrassing for the Americans surely? It is one thing to speak like a 9 year old to the masses, and quite another to heads of state.

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