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#1 Sep 25, 2018 8:03 pm

Corporal Naught

Grenada Day Toronto: Derick James And Maria Meyers Must Go!

The embarrassing and immense failure of an event that was passed off as Grenada Day Toronto 2018 - should have all patriotic Grenadians vexed. The event was such a failure that it was the worst since the start of the festival twelve years ago. And whom to blame? Maria Meyers and her bunch of incompetent cohorts – of course.

For 12 years Grenadians in Toronto had looked forward to a family day event that would celebrate everything Grenadian. And for 12 years Grenadians in Toronto have been disappointed in the quality and nature of the event. Grenada Day Toronto suffers from a serious cultural-deficit. It suffers from authentic Grenadian entertainment. Grenada Day Toronto is nothing more that a community event. How embarrassing?!

As much as Grenadians in this city want to honestly and proudly demonstrate their beloved mother country, they are hard pressed to show their national colors because of the garbage that is paraded as authentic Grenadian celebration.

But what is more, the president and her associates are allegedly a bunch of corrupt individuals who are in it to enrich themselves. Maria best before date has come and gone – and its time for her to go. Does anyone know how she remains president year in and year out? Is there an organization constitution regarding who becomes members? Is there a procedure how someone becomes a member? Is there a procedure how to remove the “president”? Is there anything, anywhere, that tells Grenadians how to remove all of the current members – and interested other parties to become members?

The alleged corruption and nepotism in the Grenada Day Toronto organization is so putrid – that it is now affecting sponsorship and community support.

In short, all the current members of Grenada Day Toronto need to go. They need to resign - immediately. And most importantly, and as the old saying goes, a fish rots from its head down, so the “president” of the organization must go. Maria has now become unattainable.

And this brings me to Derick James, the current Counsel General for Grenada in Toronto. It was refreshing when James came to Toronto. I for one was skeptical with the choice, but was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. James is now worse that his predecessor. All things Grenada, especially a function like Grenada Day – ought to be in his control. The calamity that is going on under his watch – is enough to bring shame and ridicule to his door. How can a competent Counsel General let a one woman president run Grenada name into disrepute? Derick James reticence in dealing with the people who are brining Grenada’s name into disrepute is incomprehensible. Derick James ought to be removed and a new person takes his place here in Toronto. From our observation, there is hardly any heavy lifting here in Toronto for James to do – and so his in-action in making sure a function which showcases Grenada does not fall into disrepute – is mind-boggling.

Grenada Day Toronto is in critical need of innovative, forward-looking strategic and positive leadership, that we believe that a new batch of Grenadians in the community can deliver. Hence, it is imperative for everyone currently involve with Grenada Day Toronto to immediately resign from the organization so that a community meeting can begin for the redesign and restructuring of the event. Grenada Day Toronto need to head in a new direction.

Any refusal to leave - by those currently involved with Grenada Day Toronto, will be viewed as irrational and unattainable, underscoring that they are apt to eminently repeat the embarrassment

We Grenadians will take no more of the biggest cultural deceit against us. Go, or else …!


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