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#61 Sep 28, 2018 8:28 am


Re: A 3rd woman accuses De Virgin Kavanaugh!

GMW wrote:

At the rate this alter boy is going he'll rack up more than Trump and Bill O'Reilly combined. That's if they don't confirm he to a lifetime of determining our faith by putting him on the supreme court real soon.

The race to confirm is on. Quick, quick. What a mockery. "Founding Fathers" BS and all.

Speaking of P-u-s-s-y grabbers how about a lil game of Charade:

Charlie Rose, Woody Allen, James Levine, Bill O'Reilly, Roman Polaski, Harvey Weinstein (pending. kinda), Matt Lauer, Donald "king of all grabbers" aka "President of the United States" Trump, etal, etal, etal.

Oh, and then there's Bill Cosby. What a countrie! … th-vpx.cnn

I think RD ask for it, according to local news the AG of Maryland is seriously thinking about filing charges.  That AG doh make joke and ah willing to bet he is going to file charges against Brett.  That man is just like Trump, he ent know how to tell the truth.


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