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#1 Sep 29, 2018 8:53 am


MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON ... movie 1939 . ( Angry White Men )

Before Brett Kavanaugh and Lindsey Graham  was a movie that I do remember after having seen it years ago . 'A blue print for me about politics in the USA.
  Bet RD never saw it. But forget RD for a moment.
This movie is about a newly appointed Senator who fights against a corrupt political system.
Watching some of the political action in the US of A the last couple of days .... >>  Mr Smith Goes To Washington  # 2 coming soon <<  comes to mind.

LORD ! Watching  Brett  Kavanaugh and Lindsey Graham  .  Oh Lord ! White male rage in the USA.
From the police to the Supreme Court.

Trump is shaking up more than the swamp.
Just saying . lo. We continue....


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