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#1 Oct 29, 2018 7:37 am


3 Suspects 3 Crimes : A Hate Filled Week In America. ..... CNN

>>>>   Pope Francis summed it up .
May God help us put out the flames of hate that develop in our  societies, strengthening the sense of humanity , respect for life , moral and civil values and holy fear of God.

A white man with a history of violence killed two Africans Americans after a failed attempt  to barge into a black church.
Mail bombs sent to people who are Democrats. ( ha, ha, )
Massacre at Jewish Synagogue.

I thought of Ronald Reagan ........ " tear down that wall "   to USSR.
Who is there to speak to America .   Anyone ?

Where is a Martin , Where is a Malcolm , Where is a Mandela.

"FOR ,,,,  we are all in truth , wounded by these inhuman acts of violence  ".  Pope Francis.

BTW .....  out of here for a while.
Be good keep your noses clean.


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