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#1 Nov 19, 2018 3:08 pm

New Historian

Technology without the ulcers

Virtually all of Caribbean history even up to today has been influenced by outside powers vying for control of these small, tropical islands.  From the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries this struggle for domination was intense and the islands were swapped between Britain, France, Spain, Holland and the United States, depending on the whims of war and world politics.  Along the way the region lost virtually all of its original Amerindian inhabitants, sacrificed in the Spaniards' fruitless search for El Dorado, and acquired new and diverse peoples, each of whom have stamped their own influence on the 'Caribbean personality', if such a thing exists. 

For centuries, foreigners have tried to make Caribbean people behave like them.  First came the Conquistadors and Christians, attempting to 'civilize the savages', but ended up wiping them out instead. Then came four hundred years of musical-chair colonialism, where the flag and language of the colonial power would change every few years with predictable regularity.  Today, though nominally independent, the people of the Caribbean are still bombarded by external influences, from free market economics to Justin Beiber. We'll attend your management seminars and repeat: 'Yes, we will be more efficient.  Yes, we will be like you.'  But we won't.  We'll take some of your way and make it our way.  We'll Caribbeanize it.  Technology without the ulcers.


#2 Nov 21, 2018 5:51 pm


Re: Technology without the ulcers

I think the more accurate appraisal would be... we won't take a blind bit of notice of what you have said, or anyone else who has been away and seen better practices... The Good old JCB.... Slice....   smile  we will continue to do it "our way", and we'll blame everybody else because things don't improve anywhere near as quickly as they could.


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