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#1 Dec 18, 2018 10:57 am

New Historian

Petty crime time

Always before Christmas de tief-dem get active, I guess they got presents to give out too! Yesterday morning the three hounds start making a racket at the wall, the type of hackles-raised racket you know is not 'cause of some cat. Turns out some tief casually walked into our neighbour's open back door - to be met by his mastiff Simba! Tief scarpered over the wall with Simba in hot pursuit, and nearly fell into the fire - our yard! If those three got their teeth into his flesh, gawd know what coulda happen to he!

Then a few days earlier, the weirdest thing happened. On our front patio there's a really nice painting by a Grenadian artist forget his name, but it's on a piece of plywood about four by three feet, massive. One morning: missing! Some tiefing rass just walked down the road with this thing under his arm, if you please! Talk about PISSED! All artwork off the verandah now.

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#2 Dec 18, 2018 3:13 pm


Re: Petty crime time

Getting to be like living in the Big City - Anything not nailed down is fair game.


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