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#1 Dec 29, 2018 7:12 pm



Hmm, maybe 2018 wasn't so bad after all? … -than-2018


#2 Dec 30, 2018 8:58 am


Re: Perspective

houston wrote:

Hmm, maybe 2018 wasn't so bad after all? … -than-2018

Interesting, very interesting.

Actually it makes one think how tenuous is our grip on this planet.

We argue, I think correctly, on how much impact our various civilizations are having on the climate, and that we could be messing it up for our children, never mind grand children, but one bad volcano like Krakatoa and billions could be wiped off the face of the planet in months. We are so much more vulnerable to the effects now than even a hundred years ago. Our societies are so complex, so intertwined, so dependent on various transport systems, fuel supplies, electronics. One catastrophe, and bam. Never mind creapy alien invasions where we would succumb to autosuggestion to commit suicide, or robot killing machines. One Volcano and our goose is cooked.


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