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#1 Jan 23, 2019 3:44 pm

New Historian

Party Central

The seventies were the days of that now extinct phenomenon: the no-pay party. People would throw a party for no reason at all; just because it’d been a while since their last one. It was an unwritten rule that everyone you knew, every distant relative, every old school chum, everyone whose party you’d been to in the past – everyone was automatically invited – and just as unwritten was the rule that gatecrashing was an art form, practiced by everyone! We’d be driving through Stony Hill at two o’clock in the morning and my mate Shacks would say: “Stop the car, turn off the engine. There’s a party around here somewhere, I can FEEL it!”

Must-have list for any fete:

1.    Let’s start with the single most important factor in any fete: the set, the mobile disco that comes to rock your house. Literally. In a truck with wall-to-ceiling speakers, mixers, amps, dozens of record boxes plus hangers-on, all of them thirsty. From reggae to funk to calypso to rent-a-tile slow music, ending up with the highlight of the party: the oldies session. Get a good DJ, throw a good party. Get a dud, throw a dud.

2.    Secondly you need an inexhaustible supply of every conceivable variety of alcohol. There would be all sorts of grumbling if the beer ran out before the party did. An unpardonable sin.

3.    At around 2:00am the food must be ready: curry chicken, curry goat, rice an’ peas, salad, fried plantain. And fish too ‘cos Rasta don’t eat deaders.

4.    And a cup of soup to send you home at dawn.

Now THAT’S a fete!!


#2 Jan 23, 2019 6:45 pm


Re: Party Central

Yes sir you touch ah nerve there.  Something still happen here in Baltimore, if anyone give ah outside party and the barriers are not very secure, bet you last dollar, Trinis will break it down.  Lord ah forget the name of the Sound system, I think they were from Brooklyn, they had the best sound system in all the world, man they were good.

I attended parties in Grenada, they were alright, but nothing compares to the few parties ah attended in Trini.

I think I attended every Caribbean party here in Baltimore in the 80s and 90s.   My Nickname  was Thing in the Waist.  If ah ent sweat and ent take me skirt off, is like ah din party.

I call those parties the good ole days.  Man ah live to party. I met this police lady in ah party here in Baltimore, two months later she book ah flight and we were on our way to Grenada.  She needed to know way the hell ah come from.

My drink was always Bacardi and coke.  Yes there must be an endless supply.

I tink you story extended well into the 80s and 90s.


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