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#1 Jan 30, 2019 4:53 pm

New Historian

Jotted in the margins of my father's diary, 1955....

Undated: The fatal thing is to give up trying – to allow that sense of innate ability to become submerged, turning to a feeling of frustration and then indifference. By so doing we shall cheat ourselves of some of the best things in life. Once started on the road to good craftsmanship there is no knowing where a man will stop. One thing has an odd way of leading to another, interests and accomplishments to grow and thrive by the way. To the end of our days we shall probably still feel conscious of the things we might have done and did not, the things we might have been and were not, but in so far as we were willing to pay the price of achievement, we shall have something to show for having lived.


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