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#1 Mar 11, 2019 2:53 pm


So, whats this new building style?

Many of the houses I see building now are excavating into the hillside. Hacking a great wedge out of the hillside. Maybe it is duel purpose, to not have to built on pillars, and to be able to sell the rock, but the end result is a scar in the hillside that looks ugly.

Up the road from me they are doing a similar thing, but the house is going down the hill from the road, and it doesn't seem so bad, it will certainly make the house more robust compared to those ones with many pillars reaching out into the valley.... I wouldn't even go inside them, never mind live there.

But these ones I see going up from the road edge... it's just plain ugly. and spoiling the lush look of the island.


#2 Mar 12, 2019 8:23 am


Re: So, whats this new building style?

Only in Grenada. I think they just put up any kind of building they want. I thought there was some kinda monitor, by the ministery, but that is not the case, they build, and if they get caught they just pay the inspector.  Grenada is as sweet as ah Sugar Apple, but laws must be enforced.


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