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#1 Apr 18, 2019 7:58 pm


The Twilight Zone

Now that was a good program. Apparently a new edition of the Twilight Zone will be coming to TVs soon but can't imagine it being as eerie as the original black and white episodes with Rod Serling.

BTW, an interesting article: … brain-dies


#2 Apr 20, 2019 9:08 pm


Re: The Twilight Zone

As a young person I watched the Twilight Zone just about believing many of the stories were true..... I was a child OK!!!!

Even as a child it eventually dawned on me some of the stories were an over stretch and a half.

Then we had the X-files, seemed to be the odd story that might have been based on something, but again eventually one realises it is all just a total fabrication.

Nowadays I am being a fully signed up Treckie with the latest series following Micheal Burnams exploits. I know for absolutely sure it is BS, but it for the most part is well crafted, and the graphics and special effects really take it up several notches above the old series. Which in their day seemed pretty OK, but like your Twilight Zone are just struggling to stir the synapses nowadays.


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