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#1 Apr 25, 2019 8:28 am


The Internet and Dancer / Cable TV too.

My Short Story.

So Dancer disappeared for a couple of months , 6 to be exact ( from Talk Shop ) Why and where did he go ? I'll tell , so proud , having a mind of my own
No.. He did not get married
No.. He did not get a sex change.
No.. He was not incarcerated .
No.. He is not bisexual
No.. He was not ill.

So what happened to Dancer?  You may ask .

OK, OK . I'll tell -- SO SIMPLE.
Dancer switching Internet connections and FLOW (Cable/Wireless) giving the boy a hard time . Decided to say F it FLOW . I will be getting back to you when I feel like it .
Well I still have not gotten back to the bastards yet.

But I am in a different country now , so easy chatting with  you.

SO what was Dancer doing for news and views and what did he miss ?
- to be very honest , not much. lmao.
- Well I did miss one or two online acquaintances ...... so sad.lo
- I read, one of my favorite pastimes , caught  up on some best selling paper backs at the local library
- When to a couple of Bullshit lectures on the state of things in the Caribbean
-Chase some skirts
- Played carpenter , put up a fence , tried to do some landscaping. lol. still in progress
- Had a little Jamaican, Vincy and generally F around ,  and  drank some rum and beer at the local sports bar and did go to church , most Sundays.

SO how  did he keep up on International news ; 24 Hour BBC News Radio - that is all and the telephone . Now  know so much about BREXIT , and its players  its shameful. lo
Just one or two main items on US politics and Trump. What a relief !

Hey people in North America , you are being dumbed down with the news cycle , from the talking heads , from the White House to the Ghetto.

The END.


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