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#1 May 07, 2019 7:39 am


2019 YEAR of THE PIG .... Tell that to CHINA ... beware of the swine

News   Outlets :::
Since emerging in China in August 2018 . African Swine flu has been detected in neighboring Mongolia and Vietnam .
China's pig industry is huge. They  slaughtered 700 million pigs for food in 2017.
Nearly 1 million or more pigs culled  as fatal swine flu ravages China's pig farms and shake food chain.
The country's  pork industry is being devastated by a deadly - highly contagious virus that's growing.
Pork lovers  ..... be careful..... this should send shivers into the black community. ( sad, ha,ha
Anyhow the message is clear to those pork lovers ... 'don't be a pig'

NB ::::  The US Govt keeps hundred of millions  barrels of petroleum in bunkers  to safeguard the country against natural / conflict- related  supply disruptions.
CHINA maintains a different kind of stockpile ; ICY warehouses around the country are filled with frozen pork.


#2 May 07, 2019 9:03 am


Re: 2019 YEAR of THE PIG .... Tell that to CHINA ... beware of the swine

Pork, the other White meat.


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