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#1 May 29, 2019 7:31 am


As A Caribbean Man .... News from Jamaica --- Edward Seaga

Since the JA is on the famous trail , I thought I should mention  .
Edward Seaga , former PM of Jamaica dead at 89.
Leader of the Jamaica labour Part from 1974 - 2005

What should be of interest to Greers.    I learned  from reading of his passing . He wrote Books

  1.... The Grenada Intervention ;

The inside story ;Revelations ; Beyond political boundaries


#2 May 29, 2019 8:21 am


Re: As A Caribbean Man .... News from Jamaica --- Edward Seaga

If ah remember correctly he was ah friend of the Grenada revo.  It is either he or the next one ah forget..  No doh tink it was him, ah tink it was Manley. Seaga was ah very close friend of America.  I think he was born in America.  Yep he hated the revo.  Yep Seaga is ah White American.

Manly wrote books also, his books was very difficult to read, including his Cricket book.


#3 May 29, 2019 2:52 pm

New Historian

Re: As A Caribbean Man .... News from Jamaica --- Edward Seaga

"Blinds" - that's what we called him in JA back then, because "See"-aga couldn't see a thing! We also called him CIA-ga. He built up his paramilitary base in Tivoli Gardens in the West Kingston ghettos and he was feared by all his enemies. Along with Manley, he is responsible for the increase in guns and political violence, Jim Brown the cocaine king of the Yardy gangs in the USA was his official personal bodyguard, hence untouchable. This legacy continues down to today, Dudus Coke (what an apt name!) is Jim Brown's son.

Yes he was an icon blah blah but do I shed any tears real or crocodile? Not a drop.


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